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We offer the following 2 Police OSPRE Part Two examination products at great prices, for both Sergeants and Inspectors:


part 2 roleplays   ospre part 2 guide

An easy tool to enable you to understand the police OSPRE Part Two Exam process, what's expected of you and how best to prepare/structure your scenarios. Complete with loads of OSPRE Part 2 hints & tips and handy example 'lines' to use for many common Part Two scenarios...

If you're currently preparing for the police OSPRE Part Two assessment, you'll know how difficult (yet essential) it is to have a full understanding of the process, and a common structure to use each time you prepare for an OSPRE Part 2 scenario. You have 360 seconds to prepare for each scenario, so every second really does count. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. When I sit down with the police Ospre Part Two candidate information, where do I begin?

2. What type of things do I ask / say / suggest to the role actor?

3. What is the police OSPRE Part Two assessor looking for? How is he/she really marking me?

An accurate reflection of some of your concerns?

Could this lack of understanding lead to failure of the assessment?

Want an easy way of becoming 100% familiar & well practised?

Our CD-ROM is a step by step guide to not only EXPLAIN in detail the police Part II Process and what is required of you, but also to offer FULL EXAMPLES of literally HUNDREDS of 'key lines' that you can use in many different part 2 scenarios, to help score those easy points.

It's broken down into nine sections and is presented in a clear and easy to understand format. The nine areas are:

A thorough explanation of the Police OSPRE Part II process, and answers to many frequently asked questions (timings, mix of scenario types, candidate information, assessment centre set-up etc.)

An easy to remember and understand model to help structure police personnel based scenarios during the preparation and activity stages. Every second of your time will count once the model becomes second nature to you, and you will never be stuck for ideas!

As above, but adapted for member of the public based scenarios. We understand the assessment inside out, and know that a generic model for both types of scenario isn't possible.

Perhaps the most important part of the CD-ROM, and unique to us, hundreds of example 'lines' to use as a 'pick and mix' during your scenarios. Learn them all, and you'll never become tongue tied during your assessment. To make things easier, all of the lines are structured under the SPECS headings so that your structure is always 100% consistent.

As above, but adapted for member of the public based scenarios.

6. DOs AND DON'Ts:
Some essential police OSPRE Part Two hints and tips. Follow them all, and ensure you're successful during your assessment.

Once you understand precisely how you're marked by the assessor, you can easily adapt your OSPRE Part 2 performance to ensure as many of the boxes are ticked as possible. This sections outlines exactly how the marking works.

To be read alongside the assessment section, this area gives specific detail about exactly what the assessors are looking for in a Part 2 candidate, what he/she should say, and how he/she should behave. We understand the assessment inside out, and so this section is split into Sergeant and Inspector.

Several weeks prior to the assessment, all candidates are given a booklet containing information about the fictitious police force in which they are about to start working. This is a summary of the exact information given in recent Part II assessments - useful to help score easy marks.

For an even better insight, consider purchasing this product alongside the police OSPRE Part Two Guide (see special offer below).



Practising for the police OSPRE Part Two exam is essential.  It is an accepted fact that the process is very stressful, and requires you to be able to think very quickly in a very short space of time.  The solution...?

CopCoach OSPRE Part Two scenarios.

We understand the police OSPRE Part Two process inside and out, and continually research developments in the area.  We have compiled 10 of the best practice scenarios (practise scenarios) into one easy to use CD-ROM, to enable you to fine tune your skills.

The OSPRE Part 2 mock scenarios have been carefully selected to offer you the variety that an actual OSPRE Part Two assessment will provide, with an appropriate mix of "member of public" scenarios and "police personnel" scenarios. In fact, many of the scenarios are similar to those used in recent OSPRE Part Two assessments.

Unlike other sellers, we do not simply offer the scenario on its own.  With the CopCoach OSPRE Part Two Scenario Package, you will receive:

The mock scenario provides you with a comprehensive summary of the facts, and an introduction to the problem that you will be expected to tackle.  It gives information on who you will meet and all relevant background information.

All of the example scenarios will come with supporting material, that is designed to assist you in resolving your scenario (see image).  The material may be a letter of complaint from a member of the public, a force policy or even graphical evidence of crime levels in your area.  Use of this material is essential if you aim to achieve the highest marks possible in your scenario.

ospre advice

Every Part 2 scenario provides you with 2 sources of information; The candidate information (see above) and the information the role actor him/herself provides you with. Each of the CopCoach mock scenarios comes with comprehensive role actor instructions and 'response lines' to allow you and a practise partner to make your Part 2 practice as realistic as possible, and provide you with the best opportunity to score well.


Each scenario is marked by an assessor using a marking 'scalar' (see image). This includes all of the relevant behavioural statements that should have been evidenced from your scenario.  Without knowledge of these, you will be unable to determine what you needed to do to score extra marks, or what you did do that was successful.  Every CopCoach OSPRE Part 2 scenario comes with precise marking scalars so that you are able to accurately self-assess your performance.

ospre part 2

The practice scenarios will prove useful in many ways. Firstly, they will give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the type of 'problem' you will come up against during the Part Two assessment.  Secondly, they will give you the chance to practice the assessment, fine tune your skills and determine your strengths and weaknesses; Doing this on the day is simply too late.

Our developers are very experienced in the OSPRE Part Two process, and have undertaken the assessment themselves. How well did they do using the unique CopCoach practice methods? In the top 10 Nationally.

Don't let others have an advantage over you - get yourself a full package of professionally written example police OSPRE Part 2 scenarios today, grab a friend to help you practice if necessary, and put yourself ahead of the rest. Don't be tempted by badly written, amateur, unfocussed scenarios available elsewhere!

For an even better insight, consider purchasing this product alongside the police OSPRE Part Two Guide (see special offer below).


The cost of this fantastic piece of OSPRE Part Two
software is just:


You simply can't afford to carry out the OSPRE Part 2 assessment without appropriate guidance. Invest a small amount now for the best results!


The cost of this CD-ROM of practice
scenarios is just:


This is a FANTASTIC price for what could have a life-changing outcome for you. Don’t get to your assessment and wish you’d had the chance to practise these realistic and professional scenarios. You may get only one shot this year, and such a small investment should not be overlooked.

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Buy both products (OSPRE Part II Guide and OSPRE Part 2 Practise Scenarios) for just £12.99!

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