About CopCoach Police Recruitment and OSPRE Promotion...

We are an independent seller of police police recruitment and ospre promotion materials.

We like to take you one step closer in the simplest way possible, offering several computer based products at very competitive prices, each aimed at helping you at whatever stage of your career you might be at (joining the police, undertaking OSPRE part 1 / part 2 promotion exams, or the National Investigators Exam)

All of our material is 100% original, and sold only by CopCoach Recruitment.

Our team of experts ensure that all material is continually reviewed and updated as necessary, so you can rest assured that all products are relevant today. Our team are experienced in all elements of the recruitment and promotion process, and have a proven track record, passing each of the promotion stages in the top 1%.

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All material is subject to copyright restrictions, including the selling, copying, editing or distributing of the material. Any breach of these restrictions will be dealt with accordingly.


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