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Description: Police application form, interview, numerical, verbal reasoning, interactive exercises,written exercises, bleep test, interviewDescription: OSPRE Police promotion Part one1 and two2 Guide, questions, scenarios, sergeant and inspector


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Description: OSPRE Part 1 revision crammer timetable

We are EXPERTS at OSPRE Part 1 for both Sergeants and Inspectors. We all need a little (or a lot!) of help when undertaking revision, and our experts (who have all passed OSPRE Part 1 promotion exams in the top 1% nationally) can certainly help you with your forthcoming exam.


Description: OSPRE Part 2 police workstations scenarios

It simply can't be passed without careful expert guidance. Let us coach you through it, step-by-step with our guide and Part 2 scenarios/workstations.


Description: Join Police. Become a police officer. Exam, Interview

If you're thinking of
joining the police service or are about to undertake any part of the police force recruitment process, get an advantage with our great products. We'll guide you step by step to become a police officer, so you simply can't go wrong!



Description: CID Exam, ICIDP examination, National Investigators

We know the National Investigators' Examination (NIE exam), part of the ICIDP and also known as the CID Exam or CID Entrance Exam) inside out. Trust us to provide you with the products to ensure success with the exam.



Description: police initial recruitment

Description: sergeants exam

Description: ospre exam

Our CD-ROM products are continually being developed to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the market. why look elsewhere?

All our development team have undertaken all parts of the police promotion process, and have achieved in the top 1% in the exams/assessments nationally.

Our experts are there to help you, whether you have questions about the product itself, or the police OSPRE exam or assessment process.


SEE OUR PRODUCT RANGE!  Description: read more


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